• Send complaint letters

    Use our templates to easily create and send a complaint letter to the organization you are dealing with.
    Our templates were created by users like you (many of our users are lawyers so usually the templates are very good). Go to our sample and template letters page
    If you feel something is missing or you'd like to add a new template and assist other consumers send us the letters you use.

    Send us your letters
  • Send faxes directly from your computer

    We offer a fax service which can be send directly from your computer
    The advantage of using such method is the ability to track sessions easily and efficiently, also its very convinient instead of using fax machines
    We offer the service together with our partners. Please visit:

    eFax site
  • Call Call centers from your computer

    We Highly recommend using voice calls from your computer whenever possible, this way you can easily: 1) record calls 2) Tracks call you did, and many more. Skype is probably the best solution for that.

    Click here to visit skype out page to generate call to any mobile or landline phone you need
  • Record voice calls with the call centers

    Each time you call a certain call center they always announcing they are recording you.
    We offer you to record them back, (just in case you know...).
    We offer together with our partners a great tool which can record calls using your skype. Click the banner below to visit our partners site:

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